How To Start Motivated In Your Workday

Published on 05/20/2021

Back to the stressful workplace after the weekend or vacation? How do you motivate yourself to go back to work? Here are some tips for more enthusiasm in the new working day. How you prepare in the evening for your first day of work after the vacation or after the weekend influences the mood of the whole next day. The goals you are working towards, your relationship with your work colleagues, and how you deal with problematic situations determine overall job satisfaction. This is how you can turn your job into a dream job – here are 5 tips for a motivated workday.

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How To Start Motivated In Your Workday

Preparation Is Everything

Didn’t hear the alarm clock, a quick coffee while standing and arrived at work late? For many, this is what an ordinary working day looks like – But let’s be honest: Is that really what you want? With a calm start to work, the whole day can look so much better. It doesn’t take much for that: Get in the mood for the new day the evening before by having everything you need ready for the next morning, e.g. clothes that you feel comfortable in. Set the alarm clock half an hour earlier than usual. Take a healthy lunch with you to strengthen yourself during the working day and not resort to fast food for lack of time. With mood food like nuts, vegetables and fruits, you can literally eat a good mood at work!

Looking Forward To Your Colleagues

With nice colleagues, even a job that you can hardly be enthusiastic about is fun. Are you surrounded by friendly people in your work? Appreciate that and enjoy your time with them. Do you hardly know your colleagues? Make it a goal for yourself to find out about the lives of the people you spend 40 hours a week with.

Think About Original Motivation

What originally motivated you to pursue the job in which you are now active? Good pay, flexible working hours or the opportunity to help others? Think back to these reasons for new motivation. People tend to quickly accept what they have achieved as “standard”. You should therefore consciously be grateful for the advantages that your job offers you.

Re-illuminate Problems

Especially after a vacation, it is easy to fall into the trap of only seeing the negative sides of your own job and constantly complaining instead of looking for new solutions. Instead of accepting a difficult current situation, you should look for ways out and opportunities for change in the new working year. Read specialist books on your problem, ask successful friends about their secrets, and think together with colleagues how problematic work situations can be changed positively.

Exercise After work

A good work-life balance protects against burnout or boreout. In addition to relaxation, this also includes exercise. If you still find motivation to exercise after a day at work, you have won twice: Your immune system is strengthened, and many happy messenger substances are released in the brain that motivate you for the next day!