Start Thinking Positively With These 7 Expert Tips

Published on 03/02/2022

Many people initially roll their eyes when they hear the topic “positive thinking”. The reason is a misconception of what it actually means. Positive thinking doesn’t mean just blocking out everything negative. And it certainly doesn’t mean prance through the world with rose-colored glasses on your nose, enraptured and devoid of any perception of reality. We have collected the best tips for you on how to start thinking positively.

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Start Thinking Positively With These 7 Expert Tips

Dont Pay Attention To Negative Thoughts

There is an interaction between thoughts and feelings. To put it bluntly: positive thoughts create positive feelings, and positive feelings create positive thoughts. But positive thoughts don’t just make you feel happier. The latest scientific findings show that a positive mindset can also make you more successful in the long term. And vice versa: If you find that you are dealing with worries, fears, self-reproach or other negative thoughts, then put an energetic STOP in your mind and turn to other things. Negative feelings narrow your mind and make your thoughts extremely focused. Your focus is only on this one situation, and you can run the risk of ending up in a “problem trance”.

Focus On What You Can Change

Many people waste vast amounts of energy and thought on things and situations that they cannot change. They brood over their past and struggle with their fate. Focusing on circumstances that you cannot change is a big issue. Because in these moments you are not acting, you are only reacting. And that automatically leads to negative thoughts and inner blockages. So instead of focusing on what you can’t change, focus on what you can influence.

Your Surrounding

Who you are and how you think is very much influenced by your social environment, the people you are with. So when you surround yourself with negative people, it rubs off heavily on you. There are people who are not good for you. They are negative, harm you, and rob you of any zest for life. Remember: sometimes you have to say no to others in order to say yes to yourself.


Researchers have found that a positive facial expression releases happiness hormones at the same time. The brain also seems to pick up information about how you are doing from the facial muscles. When people smile, they’re automatically happier, even if the smile isn’t real. Pulling up the corners of your mouth automatically makes you feel better. This means that there is also an interaction between body and mind.

Realize That Things Are Not Positive Or Negative Per Se

It is primarily our subjective evaluation that makes things positive or negative. How happy and successful you depend largely on the quality of your thoughts. No matter what your situation, there are always two sides to a coin. And you can choose to look at the negative or the positive. Ultimately, there is something positive to be gained from almost every situation in life.