Get Rid of Negative Thoughts – The 4 Immediate Actions

Published on 08/15/2022

Negative thoughts are oppressive and sometimes downright paralyzing. Want to get rid of them but can’t? Here you can find out how to counteract negative thought patterns in a sensible and effective way.

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Get Rid of Negative Thoughts – The 4 Immediate Actions

How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts affect your life more than you think. They spread in the mind like an avalanche and delve into all the details of possible thought patterns. As a result, you feel drained and hollow, cramped and completely overwhelmed. Negative thoughts disrupt your sleep, make you grumpy, or affect your concentration. Over time, you feel deep self-pity, inferiority complexes, and self-esteem shrink.

Oftentimes, none of what you make up in your head is real or actually happening. But your thoughts are based on known patterns that you have already learned in the past. This is caused by situations or events that you have experienced that have triggered fears or inner stress in you, without you being able to solve the problem sufficiently.

Stop Negative Thoughts Completely

The situations in which you feel trapped in negative thoughts are part of your life. And only you know when they combine and dominate your head. The first step in successfully counteracting this is to become aware of this fact and to analyze it. When do you tend to get caught up in rumination? Are there certain triggers or situations in which you keep tapping into the cinema in your head? It can be helpful to write down your ruminations, so you can identify patterns. Once you have found an answer to the questions, you can consciously stop the negative thoughts by asking yourself to do so. Say resolutely, “No, I don’t want to think about this any further now!” if you get caught up in the spinning top of your mind again.

Replace Bad Thoughts With Good Ones

Getting rid of negative thoughts is a process of replacing them with positive ones. Once you have stopped brooding and cleared your head, start with the third step. You can influence your feelings by thinking specifically about good events and beautiful life situations, and thus erasing the bad thought patterns through new connections in the brain. “Think positive” is not an empty slogan, but an option for how to use your inner voice to escape the gyrating thoughts.

Don’t Chase After Negative Thoughts

Maybe the following situation sounds familiar to you: You finally managed to sink into the here and now for a brief moment and boom, a particularly interesting thought pops up and lures you out of your reserve with its exciting story. These can be particularly nice memories, the anticipation of a future event, but also worries and fears that keep you busy in everyday life. It’s totally okay to have these thoughts. The key is that you don’t chase after them.