The Most Tremendous DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

Published on 10/15/2020

It’s nearly that time of the year to start getting our Christmas trees ready. Except this year are you thinking of having a tree that is a lot less traditional? Great, because we have the best ideas just for you! Why not go off the beaten track a little, put on your creativity caps, and make something that is a bit more unconventional. Take a look at these amazing, alternative ideas for a show-stopping Christmas tree.

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The Most Tremendous DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

Christmas Card Tree

Most people hoard all of their families Christmas cards from years and decades back. Now is the perfect time to haul them out and create a truly sentimental Christmas tree. This may sound tricky at the beginning, but trust us this is very simple. You can either hand the cards onto the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and add a small tin bucket at the bottom filled with gifts. Alternatively, you can get a single wooden branch that has ready-made place holders for all your Christmas cards. Don’t forget to get creative with the tree topper.

Decorate A Ladder With Christmas Ornaments

This Christmas idea is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and is very much an out of the box idea. All you need an old (or new) ladder and tons of Christmas decorations. There really is no limit with this one, you can add candles, ornaments, lights, pictures of your family, and other Christmas decorations you can think of to make it extremely festive. However, if you have toddlers crawling around the house, you may want to avoid this one.

Suitcase Christmas Tree

This is a gorgeous idea for all the jet setters who sadly won’t be able to travel this Christmas. Not only is it easy but you can have plenty of fun! Pull out all your old trunks and suitcases and put them to good use this December. You can make it real simple and classy or you can go wild by adding luggage tags, lights, old boarding passing, and even a small globe of the world as your tree topper.

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

This idea is so lovely and will definitely be enjoyed by the entire family, as each member can add their own personal touches. All you will need is a chalkboard or some chalkboard paint for a wall and obviously some chalk to decorate. This is really such a unique idea if you’re looking for something completely different this year. For families with young kids who prefer that each child get their own chalkboard Christmas tree in their room, there’s no doubt that your children will go wild!

Christmas Tree Made of Books

For all the massive bookworms out there looking for a creative way to utilize all your books, we have a novel idea just for you. Why not create a Christmas tree out of the books you have in your home and save tons of money all at once. Pinterest has an array of ideas for you to choose from, depending on how enthusiastic you are and high tall you want your tree to be. You can also make use of some LED lights and a few baubles. This one will be tons of fun for the whole family.