Effortless Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Published on 05/14/2020

Looking to give your home a simple decor remodeling? Well, summer is the perfect time to freshen up your home. It’s an exciting and creative way to welcome summer. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to impress your guests with all the 2020 summer trends.  From bold colors to vibrant prints and everything in between. Take a look at these fun and easy ways to decorate your home for summer.

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Effortless Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Floral Prints

Florals are possibly one of the hottest upcoming summer trends. If you’ve been contemplating including this stylish look into your home, then summer is the perfect time to give it a shot. You have so many options to choose from, wallpaper to shower curtains to the throw pillows – options are endless. And it’s so easy to add a pop of nature to any room in your house.

Summery Scents

To keep the summer season aroma in your home, at the start of the summer season swap out the scents as the seasons change. Incorporate fresh summery scents, they’re a great inexpensive decor option and there are several fragrances to choose from. Some of the options we recommend are citrus, lavender, vanilla, and the magnificent beach wood.

Add Fresh Flowers

Flowers and summer go hand in hand. They are an important part of summers, so why not add some lively, colorful blossoms throughout your home- it will give you a perfect, fresh look. They also are a  great way to keep the happy, joyful mood going the whole summer long.

Color Palettes

If you’re wanting to do a little decorating before the summer months come around, pick a color palette for that is lighter (maybe brighter) than you would use in the winter months. You can combine beachy colors like sandy beige,  pebble gray, watery blues, and summer whites. Or if you’re leaning towards something more energetic, you can choose colors such as yellow, pinks, or lavender.

Bed Linens

Before the summer season arrives, you could even do this in spring – replace all your heavy duvets and flannel sheets with more lightweight breathable cotton-blend sheets and a quilt for the cooler nights. Plus its also a good idea to have a set of more ‘summery’ bedding like brighter color, floral prints, or even pure white!

Add Plants

This may be an obvious one and for many of us, we have plants in our home all year round. But a great way to feel connected to the outdoors is to bring it inside. By adding plants in your home -whether small or large mall or large, not only cleans the indoor air but has been suggested that it can reduce stress and boosts our moods. So choose the best plants for you and your family this summer!