Simple Steps To Help You Housetrain Your Puppy

Published on 11/04/2020

House-training a new puppy can often be a daunting task as it often requires a lot of patience, commitment, and consistency. However, unbeknownst to many, it’s really a lot simpler than it seems. It’s also so important to begin the potty training for your new furry friend from day 1. If you’re a new puppy parent, keep in mind that house training will take some time as they need to get used to a new environment and routine- so be sure to have some patience. Here are a few, easy tips and tricks that have been approved by veterinarians that will certainly help you house train your beloved, new puppy in no time!

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Simple Steps To Help You Housetrain Your Puppy

Keep A Schedule

One of the best ways for puppy parents to begin house training your pup is to create a schedule from the start. Make sure to have regular, set times for feeding, training, bathroom breaks, and sleep. Keep in mind that things may not go all that smoothly at the beginning and both you and your puppy may encounter a few setbacks here and there. Another piece of advice to remember is that puppies generally have to release themselves right after eating and waking up.

Look For Signs That Your Puppy

While you are setting a schedule for your puppy it’s really important to take note of certain things that will indicate your adorable companion needs the potty. Dogs typically become quite distracted or fidgety when they need to relieve themselves. Some of the other obvious signs include sniffing around, pacing or circling, and even winning or barking. It’s best to take note especially during a time after puppies have been left alone for some time or after playtime.

Keep Your Puppy’s Water Bowl Out Of Sight

This next step may not seem so logical but according to many vets around the world, it really does work! Aprocmatel two to three hours before your furry friend’s bedtime, pick up their bowl of water to help reduce the likelihood of them wanting to relieve themselves during the night. If your puppy does wake up during the night, do not make a big deal out of it or encourage them to play. If needed, take them out and return to bed. Additionally, do not give them more water until the morning.

Reward Your Puppy

First things first, make sure to take your little pup out as frequently as possible so they can do their business. When you are first starting out, take him or her out on a leash and pick the same spot for them to “use the bathroom. Next, this is a tip that should be conducted in moderation – be careful not to overdo this one! Giving treats or praising your puppy is a great tool to help train your puppy when eliminating outdoors. It really is the perfect way to teach puppies exactly what you demand from them. But, don’t be too generous with the treats and only reward them once they are totally finished.