6 Insta-Worthy Home Decor Trends You Need To Have In Your Home

Published on 08/27/2020

It goes without saying that spending time scrolling through Instagram can leave you feeling rather inspired. It’s no secret that social media has become a versatile treasure for people all around the world who are looking for all the latest trends. There are tons of different ideas out there and it really had become so easy to spot the best decor and styles. So if you are currently looking to switch up your home decor you should keep reading to see which insta-worthy trends you need to include in your home.

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6 Insta-Worthy Home Decor Trends You Need To Have In Your Home

Layered art

Currently, layered art is all the rage for home decor. This current trend is not only versatile but it gives you the opportunity to mix in other design elements such as plants, small accent pieces, and or mirrors. You can absolutely wild with color and design. It’s a fun way to decorate any room in your home.


Another home decor trend that is splashed all over Instagram is houseplants. This is an amazing trend that enhances air quality and immersion. At the moment, there are so many varieties you can choose from according to your personal taste and what kind of look you’re going for. Many studies have also suggested that having multiple indoor plants can reduce stress. What more can you ask for, right?

Statement walls

In the last couple of years, wallpaper has really made a huge comeback. Wallpaper no longer has to be dull and boring as there are so many different patterns to choose from, whether its a bold design or something more neutral – you can go completely wild when picking your favorite. Instagram worthy posts at the moment are all about statement walls – so be sure to incorporate this trend into your home asap.

Wicker Accents

You maybe have preciously seen these decor items in your grandparent’s homes’ but believe it or not but natural elements like wicker is what’s getting all the likes at the moment. This trend is absolutely everywhere at the moment – its also a brilliant way to add warmth and nature to your home – in a stylish way. However, be sure to not overdo it and only add a few accent pieces or statement furniture pieces. Again, if you’re stuck on which piece to get – check Instagram.

Arched mirrors

We all know just how cozy and spacious mirrors can make a room feel, but they can also give a space a fun and creative touch. By now you may have seen that arched mirrors are on every Instagram home decor feed. This unique but cool design element is amazing for showing off the best wall or room in the house. There is a large selection out there for you to choose from that can be added to any room -even the bathroom!

Neon Signs

This current trend may come as a surprise to you but it really is all over social media, and especially Instagram. Neon signs are no longer reserved for tacky bars or kitsch motels. Instead, neon signs are making huge waves when it comes to interior design. If you want to make your home decor eclectic and trendy with bright lights – you’ll sure be making a huge statement!