Holiday Decoration Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Published on 11/01/2020
Holiday Decoration Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Holiday Decoration Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

At last, the holiday season is upon us! Well, almost. We can’t help it if we’re excited already. There’s just something so magical about this time of year. Everything feels crisp and new, and the excitement in the air is practically tangible. While this year is rather different than previous ones, we still feel the need to celebrate it somehow, even on a smaller scale. By that, we mean home decor, of course! Who doesn’t love arriving home after a long day to a cozy and festive house? Naturally, most of us are at home almost all the time nowadays, so it’s even better of an idea to decorate it for the holidays. Don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest you buy expensive and unnecessary items that you will never use again. Instead, you’re better off buying smaller items that can be of use to you all year round rather than just during the holidays. Read on to find out some clever little ideas to decorate your home on a budget!

Throw Pillows

A classic way to decorate for the holidays is with some festive throw pillows on the bed or couches. The reason this is such a great idea is that you only have to buy the inserts once. When you’ve got them, all you’ll have to get from then on are different covers to them. Of course, if you already have pillows, you just have to order some cute seasonal covers for them and you’ll be golden! Think red and plaid to really make your home feel festive. If you want something a little cozier, get a fuzzy throw blanket to drape over the couch or the bed. Again, plaid is always a good choice.


This might seem like an obvious idea, but it’s so great we couldn’t skip it. Look online at your favorite home decor store for some little knickknacks you can buy to spruce up your house. This way, when the holidays are over, it won’t be difficult to store them until next year. Of course, they’re cheaper as well. Don’t be put off by smaller items – those can make all the difference in a room and the way it looks.

Swap Out Items

One important note to keep in mind when decorating for the holidays is this: for every Christmas decor piece you add to a room, take something else away. The last thing you want is for a room to look like a cluttered mess. This will also keep everything cohesive and more put together. Just put away whatever doesn’t match or isn’t necessary for the holidays until you put all the holiday decor away.

Sparkle and Shine

What says Christmas more than sparkly items? Glitter can make almost anything feel more festive, that’s for sure. Find items that have some sparkle in or on them. Whether it’s a new mug, a cute little rug, or a ribbon elegantly tied onto a lamp, sparkle will definitely bring in some holiday spirit. Twinkle and fairy lights work just as well for this purpose. If you’re feeling really extra – get both!

Scented Candles

What says Christmas more than a scented candle that smells like cinnamon or pine trees? When it smells like Christmas, it will feel like Christmas, it’s as simple as that.